Passenger Transit Companies

STT Risk Management has a transit security service that is deployed in Dublin City.   Our success is based upon having adopted a strategic, cost effective approach with clients.  Through consultation and risk analysis we ensure the correct number, the correct type of resources and the proper equipment are used within a given facility.

Using a systematic approach, STT Risk Management ensure that all events of day to day business operations are managed in an effective and decisive manner. Daily management activities on site ensure service levels continuity and rapid response where anti social situations threaten.

Reporting tools are implemented from the outset, weekly reports are provided for routine events with immediate reporting of more serious incidents/complaints.  This is coupled with a unique monthly reporting format in the industry that will identify the types of crime/problems being encountered, which help focus on effective prevention measures.

We maintain a flexible approach with each of our clients and can customize our services to your business requirements. We will match our people to your business, and culture using a specification mechanism which will identify key requirements of the job such as: standards of presentation, language proficiency, confidence, computer, driving and or patrolling, skills etc.

To meet with us and discuss your specific requirement call us on 01 403 2001 or email us at