Private Industry

STT Risk Management provides ‘fit for purpose’ services in the realm of risk management and security which allows us to tailor our proficiencies for any given contract. Specific duties as outlined by the client would be incorporated to the role profile of agents assigned to the contract.

The following responsibilities are the minimum included in any STT Risk Management security agent role profile.

  • To deal with security incidents in a professional, calm yet determined manner.
  • To protect staff, customers, members of the public property and assets of Campus Life Services.
  • To record all incidents in a clear professional manner by using written and verbal means.
  • To assist client staff members in emergencies wherever they may arise.
  • To follow the instructions received in health and safety training at all times

At the outset of a new contract a site training document is drafted with the input of the client contact. Each officer is trained and assessed against a specific test which is conducted using both written and practical assessments.  A copy of each training certificate is supplied to the client to ensure all officers deployed on site have received the proper training and briefing before deployment commences.

STT Risk Management security agents are trained to inspire confidence in our client’s staff and customers through a visible and commanding presence. Agents are trained to deal with situations objectively and effectively. While every effort is made to diffuse conflict situations and restore normal operations as soon as possible agents are also trained to deal with confrontational interactions in an appropriate manner.

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