Most Universities will have a security services specification document that STT Risk Management can review and combine with proven policies and methodology for handling diverse locations such as University grounds.

Adherence to healthy and safety coupled with a published code of conduct document will go towards building a strategy for risk management on campus. STT Risk Management bring to the table the following key components to add value in any Campus service.

  • A cost effective, fit for purpose visible, professional and courteous service to inspire a sense of safety and security on campus for staff and students alike.
  • Ongoing statistical analysis of campus disciplinary processes to establish behavioral trends over time.
  • Zero tolerance policy delivered in a fair, friendly and firm manner. 
  • Escalation procedure would be in place to ensure timely investigation and resolution of issues to the Universities satisfaction.
  • Long term established reputation in the delivery of professional public facing security services.
  • Policy of continuous professional development for all security agents and staff.

To speak with our team further, call 01 403 2001 or email info@stt.ie.